Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, MD, PA
Medical Hearing Aid Division
The Medical Hearing Aid Division of Ear, Nose & Throat Associates is an independent audiology office seeing both adults and children and dedicated to providing comprehensive care toward achieving optimal hearing health.  When required, our team works in conjunction with our Otolaryngology staff to allow patients to go beyond hearing aids.

Our office provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for hearing loss and tinnitus, along with special diagnostic evaluations for newborns and infants after failed initial screenings.  We utilize the latest technology to assist the physicians in determining the correct pathology and origin of the hearing disorder. 

*** A comprehensive audiogram is not simply a "hearing aid screen".  This evaluation includes several different diagnostic tests used to aid Otolaryngologists in their diagnosis of your hearing or balance problem.  It helps determine if more detailed testing or evaluation (MRI, CT, ABR) is needed, or if surgical correction of your hearing or balance problem may be possible or necessary.  Obtaining a comprehensive audiogram is standard practice for Otolaryngologists in the evaluation of most hearing and balance disorders.***

We provide all essential audiologic services from dispensing hearing aids and assistive listening devices to hearing aid repairs for all makes and models.  Our expert team provides access to a broad range of hearing aid manufacturers ensuring our patients have access to the best and latest technology suited to their hearing loss. During our free hearing aid evaluations we provide a full range of technology options with a clear description of their cost.

We also provide access to the following advanced hearing technologies:
- Active Middle Ear Implants (Ototronix - MAXUM implant)
-Cochlear Implants (Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Americas, and MedEl)
-Bone Integrated Hearing Devices (Cochlear Americas and Oticon)